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OmniStretch enables stretch-based opacity assessment of knitted fabrics, across different stretch levels. Two assessment plates are included, numbered and black & white for use in visual and digital assessment.

Grade the translucency of fabrics and assess ‘grinning’ associated with undyed elastane to guarantee your product is ‘squat proof’.

Assessment can be performed both visually and digitally, either using a Colour Assessment Cabinet and 45-degree Fixed or Tilting Table or in a DigiEye system. Digital assessment can be performed with DigiPix, DigiGrade or DigiProduction software.

Stretched based opacity assessment of knitted fabrics, across different stretch levels


You can confidently source fabrics for sports and leisure wear from your suppliers and know exactly the grade and guarantee of ‘Squat Proof’. This helps product developers to ensure that any promotional claims are backed up with a scientific measurement. Grade the translucency of fabrics and also assess ‘grinning’ associated with undyed elastane-based constructions or poorly penetrated printed fabrics.

OmniStretch comes fully assembled and includes an additional stretcher ring and assessment plate. Minimal assembly is required, with assessment plate swaps needed if changing tests or if worn out. OmniStretch can be used with VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets or DigiEye 700 or 1300 systems.

Black & white visual assessment

The black & white assessment plate is suitable for unprinted and unpatterned fabrics only. For patterned and printed fabrics, use Numbered Visual Assessment. Assessment is best performed against a set standard, dependant on the intended application of the sample fabric. Each assessment method will provide an indication of how tested fabrics behave, dependent on testing criteria being used.


The Omnistretch works with fabric swatches of 160mm or larger and can also be used with complete garments. It works visually in a light booth (cabinet) or digitally in a DigiEye system with any elastic fabrics.


  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • Numbered plate for assessment of printed or patterned fabrics
  • Black& White plate for assessment of plain fabrics
  • Grade translucency visually or digitally
  • Assess grinning


  • Easy to use
  • Enables assessment of fabric opacity and how it varies due to stretching
  • Able to assess the performance and stretch of garments
  • Can be used with printed and plain fabrics
  • Ensure product is fit for purpose: “squat proof”



Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 297 210 79.5
Viewing Area - - -

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