Aerospace (2)
Automotive (2)
Building Materials (1)
Food & Drink (2)
Medical & Pharmaceutical (2)
Packaging (1)
Paints & Coatings (2)
Plastics (4)
Automotive & Aerospace (1)
Footwear & Accessories (1)
Home & Interior (1)
Home Appliances (1)
Industrial & Scientific (1)
Industrial Design (4)
Interior Design + Architecture (4)
Paint & Coatings (4)
Plastics (4)
Chips & Pages (1)
Plastic Chips (4)
Colour & Appearance Evaluation (1)
Colour Communication (1)
Colour Standards (4)

Helping you choose the right product:

If you wish to work within the RAL Classic system then RAL P1 provides 100 of the most popular RAL Classic colours as Plastic colour standard plates. Each comes complete with a protective sleeve and the set is packed into a portable case.

Product designers and architects using the wider colour range and more subtle nuances provided by the RAL Design system plus will prefer the RAL P2 cases. These have 200 RAL Design colours, 160 in opaque format and 40 in transparent format.

Individual Plastic colour plates are available for colours in both sets.

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