Product Registration

Product Registration of your VeriVide product is free, quick and easy to do with multiple benefits for you, our end consumers and for us, the manufacturers. At VeriVide we encourage all end consumers to register their products with us directly.

By completing product registration for your equipment with VeriVide Ltd, whether or not you have purchased from us direct or not, you will be able to…

  • increase the support mechanism available to you as an end customer.
  • communicate ways in which we (the manufacturers) can improve the performance of our products to meet your specifications.
  • enable us to inform you of any new development in products and services.
  • benefit from an increased parts warranty.

Please note:

Product Registration does not transfer your warranty, in the event of an incident, your warranty is held with the Company/Distributor through which you purchased your equipment. If you have a problem please contact them in the first instance, they may be able to solve your problem immediately. If necessary the Distributor will escalate issues to VeriVide.

Product Registration

About the Product

In order to complete this section of the form, please locate the silver label on your product. The label will look similar to the one below. For a CAC or CCC, please look at the back, top left of your cabinet. All other products tend to have the label located on the outside. If you have any queries around this, please contact us at Thank you.

Serial Number
Date of Manufacture

About You

Nature of Business
Phone Number
Email Address
Address One
Address Two
City / Region
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