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Automotive (2)
Building Materials (14)
Homeware (7)
Paints & Coatings (14)
Plastics (1)
Automotive & Aerospace (4)
Home & Interior (2)
Home Appliances (4)
Industrial Design (13)
Interior Design + Architecture (15)
Kitchen + Bathrooms (12)
Paint & Coatings (6)
Binder Book (1)
Chips & Pages (2)
Fan Guides (8)
Pages (2)
Publications (2)
Colour & Appearance Evaluation (3)
Colour Communication (6)
Colour Inspiration & Design (11)
Colour Standards (1)
Product Colour Development (4)

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Helping you choose the right product:

The NCS Atlas is the must-have tool for effective colour communication and colour identification. It demonstrates NCS colour space, enabling you to find the colour you need quickly and easily.

The NCS Index is the most popular of the portable fan decks and contains all 2050 colours, available in both matte and glossy finishes suitable for any interior use. The NCS Exterior fan deck, however, is a smaller range of 322 colours suitable for exterior design and different materials.

WS160 and the Black & White fan are ideal for designers and architects who work extensively with neutral tones. The NCS Inspire portable fan deck enables designers to easily identify market-trend colours for both interior and exterior design.

NCS also have digital tools including the NCS Colourpin II which enables you to instantly identify colours from products around you and turn your inspiration into a colour specification.

Not sure where to start with using NCS colours? Pick up a copy of the NCS trend publication Colour trends 2022+ which provides four different market driven colour palettes suitable for a variety of applications.

Need to show your client a larger sample or sheet of NCS colour? VeriVide are the only UK stockist of individual A4 and A6 NCS colour samples.

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