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Need help choosing the right RAL Effect product?

The RAL Effect range comprises RAL metallic colours and a set of harmonising solid colours divided into colour families. Each colour family has six solid colours and a highlight metallic shade which works with any of the six solid colours. They are available in two different portable fan guide formats as well as in a collection of Primary colour standards.

Do you need only the metallic colours? RAL Effect E4 is a handy fan guide which contains the 70 metallic colours all with a high gloss finish for fast colour selection. The RAL metallic colours are labelled with 3 digits followed by the letter M e.g., 110-M.

Want to work with the whole colour range? The RAL Effect E3 fan provides all 490 colours and displays each of the 70 colour families on an individual page for ease of colour coordination. Combine the metallic colour of your choice with one or more of the solid colours. The solid effect colours are labelled with the same 3 digits as the corresponding metallic followed by a numeric suffix showing it is a variation in hue, chroma or lightness e.g. 170-6.

If larger samples or official colour standards are required, the E1 Primary standard card collection provides A6 cards in a protective case. Replacement cards are also available. The binding colour standards in the E1 collection are suitable for colour matching and quality control for any manufacturer.

Need inspiration for your project? The Colour Master interactive design handbook provides colour stencils for your creative experimentation. The inspirational images in the Colour Master book are coded with RAL Effect colours. The book also contains an overview of a range of construction materials as well as textiles and wallpaper.

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