DigiEye System – 700mm Cube

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VeriVide’s DigiEye system is a digital colour imaging system with proven applications in a wide range of industry sectors. It is a system that helps where colour and appearance are critical, assisting manufacturers, suppliers and brands to speed up colour quality control, sustain product integrity, reduce wastage and make reliable colour decisions.

Once you have defined your application, the DigiEye 700mm cube is your second step to building your custom solution to meet all your colour management requirements.

The DigiEye 700mm cube is ideal for imaging smaller items such as lab dips, small garments, trays of food and Masterbatch.

If you have larger product to assess then the DigiEye 1300mm cube will be more suitable.

Our Solutions section will provide more information on how DigiEye can solve your problem, or go to your Industry for product suggestions.

Soft close drawer

Product capture in consistent lighting

Both angled and diffuse lighting

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Technical Textiles

Custom Colour Management Solutions

AS EASY AS 1,2,3

1. Define your application

2. Choose the size of Imaging System

3. Select the Software Package

There are two size options when choosing your imaging system; 700mm or 1300mm (click here to read about our larger cube). Depending on the samples or products you wish to image or the storage space avaliable, will depend on which cube is best to use.

The new version 7 DigiEye 700mm cube has multiple benefits and improvements from previous cube versions:

  • New and improved LED selection, resulting in better colour rendering and life expectancy.
  • A continuous lamp lux feedback system, providing a better lux stability
  • Plug in capability for easier servicing & calibration
  • Faster warm up time
  • Improved connectivity


Custom Colour Management Solutions

AS EASY AS 1,2,3!

1.Define your application

2.Choose the size of the imaging system

3.Select the software package


Find out more on our handy blog! On our blog about how to choose the best colour management solution with DigiEye.


  • The Lighting reaches its required intensity faster when first switched on from either cold or warm
  • The images captured by the system will be more repeatable and consistent and will not suffer variances due to changes of intensity between services or lamp changes.
  • One style of cube with 4 lighting options: D65 -UV, D65 Including UV (CIE D65), D65 + extra UV, UV only
  • The quality of the lighting is more consistent between cubes and closer to the CIE D65 specification.
  • Soft close drawer


  • The light across the imaging surface is stable and consistent.
  • Faster warm up time
  • Stability
  • The lighting will return to the required intensity quickly after the drawer has been opened and closed.
  • Mains inlet power, so cube can be completely switched off when not in use

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