Improving colour assessment technologies globally since 1964

VeriVide provides equipment to measure and assess the colour and appearance of products, objects, samples and ingredients. Manufacturing Light Cabinets (Light Booths) and Colour Assessment Cabinets for retailers and suppliers, plays a core part of the business. Many of our products set the visual appearance standards that suppliers, through to major retailers, must meet. VeriVide customers range from multinationals to small enterprises in sectors including textiles and apparel, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, print and packaging.

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Our Mission

VeriVide’s purpose is to provide customers with colour and appearance measurement and assessment equipment, which enable clients to confidently manage colour and appearance instantly, accurately and objectively. Since 1964, our mission is to help erase colour inconsistencies across the supply chain by delivering cost-effective, innovative and efficient solutions. To this day, we at VeriVide pride ourselves in being the pioneering force behind developing and refining innovative solutions to ever changing lighting standards and yielding consistent tight tolerances across all of our products. This culminated in the launch of the UltraView Light Booth in 2023.

As the capability of colour technology increases, so too does the scope for raising colour and appearance standards, or for using colour data to improve product quality and safety. VeriVide’s R&D work over the past five decades have been instrumental in setting ever higher standards for applications of colour data.

DigiEye is one of the strongest assets for digital non-contact colour and appearance measurement and assessment, which is vital to future success. DigiEye revolutionises the way colour is managed and communicated with DigiView software in conjunction with a VisionView Light Booth

VeriVide are the official master distributors of Pantone, RAL and NCS colour standards in the UK. We also offer colour training courses and colour vision testing with our colour experts.

VeriVide’s assurance to all customers is that it is determined to continue to set and observe the highest possible standards for all its products and services. When customers buy VeriVide, they will always be buying the very best in the world.

Proudly made in the UK, VeriVide’s products are manufactured, designed, and despatched exclusively from our Headquarters in Leicester to authorized distributors across the globe. Please be aware that counterfeit versions of VeriVide lamps or equipment are sold and distributed from unauthorized distributors. Please call us on +44 (0)116 284 7790 or email us at to be introduced to your local official VeriVide distributor or use the search function here.

Our Ethos

As a company, the motivation that led to our formation in 1964 still drives VeriVide forward. We may already offer a range of transformative, world-beating colour evaluation equipment, but there will always be more to achieve in a fascinating and increasingly sophisticated technology field.

Many businesses have yet to discover the potential of VeriVide products and technologies. Therefore, we have made it our mission to make colour measurement a key factor in any manufacturing and quality control process – including yours!

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Nearly 60 years of leadership & innovation in colour assessment technologyA strong team of world class expertise and experienceTotal commitment to the continuous improvement of service and productsA record of close and productive working relationships with customersTotal conviction that colour assessment technology has the potential to improve any industry’s quality and efficiency

Made in Britain

Nearly sixty years after its launch, VeriVide is still a proudly British company, with all R&D, design, manufacturing and testing carried out in-house at our UK headquarters in Leicester. We work in partnership with leading UK universities to further advance industrial applications with our colour assessment technology.

We like to work with smaller local companies for areas such as recruitment, website design and marketing. We aim to source the majority of our raw materials within a 10–15-mile radius from our headquarters. We love to be able to support our local community and cut our carbon emissions where possible!

We are honoured to be a part of the Made In Britain Marque, which is the collective symbol for British manufacturer’s. The marque is only accredited to businesses who sell goods that have been manufactured in Britain before sale.