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Helping you choose the right product:

The Tints and Tones collection contains 100 neutral chips from both Pantone colour ranges allowing Interior designers and Industrial designers to select and specify suitable colours from the collection of White, Black, Grey, Off White and Taupe tones whereas the the other sets contain eye popping brights in each colour family ideal for toys and homeware.

Designing appliances, homeware or toys using one particular hue? Or are you looking for a specific colour within a colour range? Each Plastic Chip colour set offers 100 chips within a colour family, choose from yellows, oranges, & golds, reds, greens, blues or black and grey.
If you are an industrial designer needing a range of neutral tones from light to dark then the Tints and Tones Set is the most appropriate product for you but will also work for interior designers looking for whites, off whites and taupes for calming neutral rooms.
For designers and manufacturers of consumer electronics, appliances and other hard goods the Plastic Chip Collection provides a complete set of 1755 colour standards in one durable package.

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