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Home & Interior (18)
Industrial Design (3)
Paint & Coatings (4)
Plastics (2)
Sportswear (13)
Textiles & Apparel (14)
Binder Book (12)
Chips & Pages (4)
Fan Guides (8)
Swatch Cards (3)
Colour & Appearance Evaluation (1)
Colour Communication (2)
Colour Inspiration & Design (12)
Colour Matching (3)
Colour Standards (2)
Product Colour Development (3)

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Helping you choose the right product:

If you need the best possible tool for your textile or interior design studio then the Cotton Swatch Library will fit that criteria perfectly. The Swatch Library contains removable double-layered swatches to help designers achieve more effective colour communication and evaluation. Not got the budget for this? No need to panic as the Cotton Chip Set has many of the benefits of the Swatch Library but with smaller chips and is more budget friendly being just a third of the price.
If you are a freelance designer or your teams need tools for working from home then the smaller, lighter weight options in the Cotton range, the Passport and Planner may suit you better or even the paper Color guide.
Once you have selected the possible palette options from these smaller books evaluate the colours seriously by purchasing the large individual fabric swatches which are standards suitable for sending to your suppliers (or ask them to purchase locally). Find out why you should use SMART swatches as colour standards in our blog

Do you produce sportswear, athleisure, lingerie or other products using synthetic materials or have a requirement for dark, saturated colours or neons? then the Polyester Swatch book or Nylon Swatch Ring will be your best friends! These two sets of 203 and 21 colours respectively have been developed exactly for this purpose using recipes achievable on synthetic fibres to create colours which are in demand. Again these colours are available as large individual fabric swatches to be used as colour standards or to share colour samples with your clients.

Working with hard goods, footwear, accessories, or cosmetics? The new FHI Paper Traveler may be just what you need or the FHI Color Guide and Color Specifier enables you to select and specify suitable colours (by attaching paper chips to your product brief) which will coordinate with any packaging or soft goods within the same home or apparel range.

Need metallics for jewellery, buckles, zip pulls, faux leather or anything that glitters? The Metallic Shimmers range was developed just for you – available as a single Color Guide or with the FHI Color Guide in the Coated Colors Set there is also a Specifier book which contains tear out chips to share with clients or your design team.

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