What will you learn?

lightbox trainingWe are flexible in our approach and can adapt the content to your organisation’s specific needs, but typically we go through:

Introduction to Colour


  • The basic science of colour.
  • The social and commercial importance of colour.
  • Visual assessment of colour.
  • Digital assessment of colour.
  • Colour communication.


Quality control

  • Setting tolerances to ensure colour meets the required quality standard.
  • Colour measurement in industrial environments.
  • Sharing and communicating colour data.
  • Cost-effective implementation.
  • Sample preparation and presentation.
  • Analysing data and reaching decisions.
  • Communicating rejections in terms the supplier will understand.
  • Practical examples and exercises.


Computer match prediction

  • Making a database.
  • How to use match prediction.
  • Correction routines.
  • Expert matching.

Pick the brains of our experts in colour

Just like with our vision testing, the training can take place on your premises, at local or regional training centres or at VeriVide’s very own headquarters.

Our Chartered Textile Colourist, Georgina Boulter, is responsible for all our colour training courses.

Please contact Georgina at g.boulter@verivide.com or +44 (0)116 284 7790 if you would like to know more.

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