Aerospace (5)
Apparels (8)
Automotive (4)
Building Materials (5)
Cosmetics & Personal Care (5)
Food & Drink (5)
Homeware (8)
Medical & Pharmaceutical (4)
Packaging (1)
Paints & Coatings (3)
Photography (3)
Plastics (5)
Technical Textiles (8)
Automotive & Aerospace (1)
Cosmetics (1)
Footwear & Accessories (3)
Home & Interior (5)
Home Appliances (1)
Industrial & Scientific (1)
Industrial Design (2)
Plastics (1)
Sportswear (3)
Textiles & Apparel (5)
Instruments (1)
Colour & Appearance Evaluation (5)
Colour & Appearance Measurement (5)
Colour Communication (2)
Colour Inspiration & Design (1)
Colour Matching (5)
Product Colour Development (4)
ISO 105-A11:2012 (1)
ISO 23603:2005 (1)

8 results

Choosing your DigiEye colour management system

Start by defining why you want to improve your colour management process, then follow the steps to our custom colour management solution:

  1. First, define your application. To choose the most effective solution for your company you need to know what you are using it for, what products or samples are you imaging? Identify the key colour management areas you need to focus on, to ensure you use the most effective solution for your business!
  2. Choose the size of the imaging system:

Second, select the cube, the ideal one for you will depend on the size and type of samples or products you wish to image. There are multiple benefits to both cubes, but the decision might come down to the space you have available! A high-quality digital DSLR calibrated camera is used to capture the images of the samples and is included with the purchase of either cube.

  1. Select the software package:

Thirdly select the software package to go with your DigiEye cube. There are five choices of software that are each essential in their own right! DigiPix, DigiProduction, DigiImage, DigiGrade and DigiView (a combination of all is known as DigiALL).

  1. Decide on a UltraView Light Booth or VisionView Light Booth:

Finally choose your Light Booth – select UltraView or VisionView to complete your colour management system.

Contact the VeriVide experts today to discuss how DigiEye can benefit your business. Email us at or call +44 (0)116 284 7790.

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