Apparels (1)
Cosmetics & Personal Care (3)
Graphics Prints & Inks (7)
Homeware (2)
Packaging (9)
Paints & Coatings (2)
Technical Textiles (1)
Cosmetics (11)
Footwear & Accessories (11)
Graphics & Prints (10)
Home & Interior (10)
Home Appliances (1)
Industrial Design (3)
Paint & Coatings (2)
Plastics (2)
Sportswear (5)
Textiles & Apparel (5)
Binder Book (5)
Chips & Pages (2)
Fan Guides (17)
Instruments (2)
Publications (1)
Colour Inspiration & Design (2)
Colour Standards (3)

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Perfect if you are working to a budget, older versions contain the most commonly used colours thus enabling you to start work with Pantone. If you need the most updated issue of Pantone books, then visit Pantone® Graphics & Print or Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors.

Did you know that Pantone products for Graphics & Print all have sku codes beginning GP and Pantone products for Fashion, Home + Interior have sku codes beginning FHI? This will help you to identify the best product for you from our clearance range.

Just drop an email to or call Georgina if you need advice.

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