The Challenge: All the gear and no idea!

 A vital part of colour management is being efficient and effective in colour. By that we mean you need to know what you are doing! As we have discussed, colour is fussy, so it is best the team knows how to handle it in order to maximise your advantage.

The way we see colour can be massively subjective between people. Lots of us will have colour deficiencies, also known as colour blindness, or poor colour acuity. If you look at a red and think it’s a brown or olive colour, or you can’t see a difference between the colour of the standard and your prototype, but others can, it will have a detrimental effect on the end product. Adding to this fundamental problem of seeing colours differently, is that your team may not use the correct light sources to view the products or know the language to use when communicating to the suppliers. All this results in long lead times, back and forth with the manufacturers or the end customer, delays, returns, faults, costing money and resources and eating into that profit margin.

The Solution: Colour Vision Testing and Training with the experts

Completing our visual testing programme, enables us to assess whether you have any colour deficiencies or if your colour acuity needs improvement. We remain confidential at all times! 

Employees need to know how to use the light booth, what the different lamps are for and why they are important. Using only D65 is fine, except when that item goes into store and looks completely different. Knowing how to display the sample correctly means being able to assess the colours under the best conditions. Training allows you to produce the best product it can possibly be! A sample that is too small is going to make it much harder to assess, so your team needs to know how to advise your suppliers to provide samples in the best condition for them to assess.

If the colour is not what was expected, communicating the issues back to the manufacturer, describing as well as seeing the colour, enables them to better understand what to provide next time. Whether the issue is with the lightness/darkness, the hue, chroma etc, this helps to minimise lead times and satisfy your customers.

Helping you choose the right product:

 If employees in your organisation are routinely making colour decisions based on what they can see, it may be wise to have their colour vision tested periodically. Here at VeriVide, alongside our colour training courses, we offer individual colour vision testing, which is always performed sensitively and discreetly. Invest in your most important asset – your people. Our colour experts can test and train you on your own premises, at an agreed location or even at the VeriVide HQ. Ensure colour accuracy in your workforce by completing our colour vision testing and training. Contact us today if you would like to know more, email Georgina Boulter at or call +44 (0)116 284 7790.