The Challenge: Long supply chains and lots of colour variations

Did you know that there are approximately 10 million colours in the world? As you can imagine this can cause managing product colour, from conception to final product to be a very long and drawn-out process. Colour Communication is key for any supply chain relationship and VeriVide products enable enable quicker and more objective communication.

For example, going from the design, you  choose the material, request lab dyes (a small section of dyed material) or prototypes, wait for the manufacturer to produce the test pieces and then ship them to you. At least ten days have elapsed and you haven’t yet seen the colour samples. You then spend time assessing the colours with other team members (under different lighting conditions, of course), and actually decide to reject all the options and start all over again.

What a palaver! We haven’t even considered them getting lost in the post or sitting on your colleagues’ desk for a week whilst they are on holiday.

The Solution: Digital colour assessment

VeriVide’s DigiEye is the first camera-based system to make the transformative leap from human (subjective) to automated (objective) colour measurement. DigiEye assesses colour rapidly, accurately, impartially, economically and globally, shortening the process with supply chains to just a few days. Using DigiEye, as soon as the samples have been produced, the manufacturer can send over a digital copy, meaning instant communication and delivery of colour. The supplier or sourcing hub will still be able to measure and archive the colour, checking continuity of production and compatibility with trims and other components.

Once viewed, by the buying team, on calibrated screens using DigiView software, colour evaluation can take place and a decision is communicated immediately. In the example image a design CAD drawing is compared against several print strike off’s.

Helping you choose the right product

 No matter the industry you are in, colour communication is essential for consistency and accuracy throughout the supply chain. DigiEye allows for instant communication and delivery of colour. If you would like to save time, money and resources, (and who is going to say no to that!),  contact us today and one of our DigiEye experts will be happy to help. Email us at or call +44 (0)116 284 7790

Alternatively, check out the Industries and Applications section or download the DigiEye datasheet for more information.