Where it all began..


January 1

Natural Daylight

Light observation diagram
As consumer markets recovered post -1945, clothing retailers started demanding greater colour accuracy from their suppliers. The problem for manufacturers was the variability of natural daylight, which made visual colour assessment very haphazard and could not guarantee colour consistency.
January 2


The solution was easily agreed; an international standard measure of daylight. A mean colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin was accepted as the International Standard of Daylight. Now universally known as D65. Of course, to reach this standard, an illumination source was required that could emit light to exactly that criteria.
January 3

Leslie Hubble Ltd

Leslie Hubble Ltd
Renowned innovator Leslie Hubble co-created the first D65 light source. The fluorescent lamp was coated with a blend of seven rare earth phosphors and he worked with Thorn Lighting to produce them. Having realised the potential, Leslie Hubble set up his own company to produce lighting cabinets and associated products, using Thorn Lighting as his D65 lamp supplier. VeriVide became the name of the first colour assessment cabinet.
February 1


Lamps in cardboard boxes
The creation of the first VeriVide branded lamp.
February 1

Textile Testing

Accelorotor and abrasion viewer
VeriVide launched the Accelerotor Viewer. This equipment is interchangeable for individual user requirements and can successfully grade abrasion and scuffing to any standard in precise lighting conditions.
April 5


Soon after Leslie Hubble Ltd was foundered, Gilbert Dakin was brought on board to help run the business. Fast forward 30 years and Gilbert’s sons, John & Paul Dakin become directors of VeriVide Ltd. The business is still thriving under their leadership to this day.
April 7

Further Textile Testing

Piling Assessment viewer
We launched the Pilling Assessment Viewer (PAV). This inventive piece of equipment allows the user to evaluate fabrics effectively whilst mounted on a Martindale head for straight-forward pilling assessment, all set to industry standard of artificial daylight.
January 1

Name Change

VeriVide logo badge
Fast forward a few years, Leslie Hubble Ltd had soon become a leading global brand, and over the years we became better known for our brand name VeriVide, which led to the company name change. VeriVide broadly translates from Latin as ‘see in truth’. At VeriVide, the foundation for all our operations is for our customers to be able to see colours truthfully and the truth to be consistent.
September 9

ITMA & launching DigiEye

DigiEyes on a table
VeriVide exhibited at ITMA & launched DigiEye. DigiEye for apparel was revealed at ITMA in Birmingham, UK – VeriVide’s first ITMA. We’ve gone on to attend every ITMA since!
January 6


VeriVide relocated! We moved over to our current facilities in Enderby, Leicestershire.
October 5


colour of the year 2021
VeriVide become master distributors of Pantone.
April 8

Launch of the VeriVide Lamp

VeriVide launch own branded 840-p15 lamp. The Philips TL84/p15 ‘tight tolerance’ lamps were discontinued, so VeriVide launched our own 840/P15 lamps as a direct ‘tight tolerance’ replacement for the CAC light cabinets. It’s important to maintain the standards consistently and VeriVide are all about maintaining standards, repeatability and tight tolerances.
June 1

New Lamp Size

The VeriVide D65 lamp changed size, from T12 to T8.
June 2


VeriVide became RAL distributors.
April 28

Award Winning

business awards winner 2017
VeriVide were proud to receive the International Trade Award at the Leicester Mercury Business Awards. We were ecstatic when we made it as finalists in our category, so going along to the awards ceremony in the evening and being announced as winners, we were over the moon!
April 4

Launch of Branded CWF Lamps

Commercial CWF lamps do not guarantee a suitable replication of CIE F2, so VeriVide started to produce our own CWF lamps, as they provide a close spectral match. We’re all about having ‘tight tolerances’ and repeatability!
May 3

Another Lamp!

VeriVide launch own branded D50 Daylight lamp.
April 1


VeriVide become a distributor for NCS.
April 30

The VeriVide Team

Some of our wonderful VeriVide team have moved, but not far! Our Sales and Marketing team have settled into a new office, just behind the current HQ, simply because we were running out of space. Recently our VeriVide family has grown, so more desk space was needed to accommodate. Lots of innovation and designs are occurring behind the scenes and our R&D team needed room to create! The new office allows for an equipment suite, which we are excited to be able to show to our clients, when they can visit.
May 13


Over fifty years after its invention, VeriVide is still working on applications for the D65 and other tight tolerance light sources, developing colour assessment technologies for every industry that colour has significance. There is more than you think! We continue to build a brand based on a reputation of quality workmanship, personal service and on-going development of technology, setting standards for visual colour assessment. The possibilities are endless for renewed business transformation with digital tools allowing for remote assessment.  Enhancing the cost and time efficiency between supply chains, enabling brands to be more sustainable and ensuring improved quality assurance and…