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VeriVide has supported the food and drink industry for over 50 years, helping manufacturers and scientists to maintain quality and consistency of their products. Colour plays a significant role in the food and drink industry. It is an important indicator that influences consumers’ perception for both flavour and freshness of food and beverages.

Food and drink colours often change during processing or shelf life, affecting consumers’ decision to purchase or consume, with rejections occurring simply because of the wrong colour. VeriVide’s innovative equipment enables users to measure and assess accurately and objectively any substance (solid, liquid, powder, granules, gels etc.) and detect even subtle changes in the products during processing, saving wastage and money and meeting customers’ expectations.

UltraView the ultimate in LED precision for accurate visual colour sample comparison

VisionView combining visual and digital colour workflows in a single light booth.

Colour & Appearance comparison of food

The quality of foods such as baked goods are judged on the consistency of their colour and appearance, consumers expect biscuits to look the same each time a packet is opened. VeriVide’s DigiEye system can capture very accurately the real colour and appearance of the product. Images can then be saved and these can be used to set photographic standards agreed by the customer or brand.

Images captured by DigiEye can be shared instantly with the customer brand managers and be approved and used as agreed standards, or rejected in order for immediate further development to take place. Quality Control measurement using industry colour difference equations (CIELab or HunterLab) is also available. Built into the powerful software are also some specific food scales and colour difference indices.

Operators on the production line are then able to compare production in a controlled viewing environment provided by VeriVide. The addition of the HDR monitor within the VeriVide VisionView Cabinets can aid quick and easy visual assessment to agreed standards.

For off-line Laboratory evaluation, the DigiEye provides the ideal tools to study colour changes in product due to process or ingredient variation, perfect for checking production lines as well as verifying product development of new products.

The imaging capability of DigiEye provides colour calibrated images and will enhance food stability testing. Changes in colour or colour fading can be easily assessed and reports are supported by data and detailed high resolution images.

For more information about how DigiEye can transform analysis of your food and drink products visit Case Studies or contact Russell Thorpe


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