Automotive (1)
Building Materials (3)
Homeware (3)
Paints & Coatings (3)
Automotive & Aerospace (1)
Home & Interior (2)
Home Appliances (1)
Industrial Design (1)
Interior Design + Architecture (3)
Kitchen + Bathrooms (2)
Paint & Coatings (2)
Textiles & Apparel (1)
Instruments (3)
Colour Communication (2)
Colour Inspiration & Design (1)
Colour Matching (2)

Helping you to choose the right products

Choose from the Colourpin II or the Colourpin Pro for identifying single flat colours and download the NCS+ App from the App store to accurately measure, translate and communicate colour in NCS notation. If you work with multi coloured products, such as carpets or curtains, the Colour Scan 2.0 will allow identification of up to 4 different colours within the measurement area.

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