Why should you service your VeriVide equipment?

Service Parent FAQs

Why should I service?

In the rare event that things go wrong, servicing your light cabinet with VeriVide means that you receive peace of mind through a 12-month parts warranty.

Regularly servicing ensures that you meet your relevant retailer, national and international standards for visual assessment. VeriVide lamps have been developed to meet or exceed international standards ISO 3664:2009 and ISO 3668, ASTM 1729 and DIN 6173-2.

Over time, natural wear and tear can affect cabinet performance. Regular servicing ensures that your light cabinet remains as accurate as the day of purchase.

Maintaining all visual assessment equipment in your supply chain helps avoid costly inconsistencies and time wasted due to disagreements.

Differences in opinion due to poorly maintained light boxes can increase time to market and negatively affect product quality.

Lamp measurement uses spectrometric readings to ensure lamps adhere to tight tolerances. Outstanding build quality is a key characteristic of VeriVide equipment. Servicing extends the life of the equipment, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

When should I service?

To ensure conformance to international, national and retailer standards, service your VeriVide equipment at least once every 12 months. If you reach 2000 hours use within 12 months you will need to service at this point.

What is included in a service?

When your VeriVide equipment is serviced by a VeriVide Sales & Service Technician you receive:
  • Peace of mind
  • Full lamp replacement
  • Re-paint of interior surface to specification
  • 12 Months parts warranty *
  • Remote operational support
  • Removal and disposal of old lamps (WEEE compliant)
  • Full clean
  • Usage data collection and Service Counter reset
  • Certificate of service
  • Exclusive instructional materials
  • Lamp Measurement and Certificate of Performance**

*Parts warranty is unavailable for pre-2004 cabinets. Excludes travel and labour costs
**Lamp Measurement is available at an additional cost. It uses spectrometric readings to ensure lamps adhere to tight tolerances

Why use a VeriVide Sales & Service Technician?

Servicing with VeriVide provides not just peace of mind, 12-month parts warranty and product expertise; there are a host of extra benefits.
A service from a qualified Technician ensures that your essential quality assurance equipment is being looked after by trained specialists.
A VeriVide service also allows you to draw on the wealth of experience from the team of colour experts at VeriVide. Our team consists of chartered colourists, colour educators, colour standards authors and former Global Technical Managers, all ready to assist our Sales and Service customers.

Can I get a service outside of the UK?

If you are outside of the UK, VeriVide will try to connect you with your nearest approved and qualified service technician.

How do I book a service?

First, send the Verivide Service team your cabinet Serial Number, interior paint colour (N5, N7 or 5574), lamp configuration and date of manufacture. For most cabinets, this is located in the back left corner of the cabinet, below the lamp deck.
VeriVide will then provide a free, no-obligation service quote, usually within 7 days.

Where is the Cabinet Serial Number located?

Your cabinet serial number will be located on a silver label in the back left corner of the cabinet, underneath the lamp deck.
The silver label contains information on the interior paint colour, model, serial number and date of manufacture.
On older cabinets, you may not have a serial number. At the back of the cabinet, there should be a metal voltage badge with a date stamp, you will need to provide this date to the service team along with the model number on the switch panel.

Why should I use VeriVide lamps rather than ones purchased off the shelf?

In much the same way that two 2.0L car engines can perform differently, two light sources claiming to be 840/4000k can present significant deviations in performance.
Like cars, the quality control of two 840 light sources can also differ. One lamp can be made to tight tolerances whereas the other may be an approximation of the advertised lamp properties.
The same applies to D65 light sources.
If you have multiple light boxes, this difference between quality and appearance of light sources can cause inaccurate results.