DigiEye System – 1300mm Cube

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The DigiEye 1300mm cube is ideal for imaging items too large for the 700mm Cube. Used by a range of industries e.g. measure colour with texture appearance of hides and fabrics for automotives. In the furnishings sector it is used for measurement of carpets and heavy pile fabrics, coach fabrics etc. DigiEye 1300mm cube has established itself as the main tool for Denim shade sorting of washed blankets, roll to roll sorting and consistency of distressed legs.

DigiEye provides fast and accurate colour measurement of the same colour over a variety of textures, blends and substrates. It allows users to co-ordinate the colour and appearance of bathroom and kitchen textiles, and all other homeware. Ensure colour consistency of textiles against plastics and ceramic components, guarantee colour matches of bath towels to bath mats. In the food industry the DigiEye 1300mm cube is used in analysis of fruit and vegetable production.

VeriVide’s DigiEye system is a digital colour imaging system with proven applications in a wide range of industry sectors. It is a system that helps where colour and appearance are critical, assisting manufacturers, suppliers and brands to speed up colour quality control, sustain product integrity, reduce wastage and make reliable colour decisions.

Once you have defined your application, the DigiEye 1300mm cube is your second step to building your custom solution to meet all your colour management requirements.

If you have smaller product to assess then the DigiEye 700mm cube will be more suitable.

Our Solutions section will provide more information on how DigiEye can solve your problem, or go to your Industry for product suggestions.

Enclosed cube, eliminating all ambient light

Product capture in consistent lighting

Large area and diffused lighting

Building Materials
Food & Drink
Technical Textiles

Custom Colour Management Solutions

AS EASY AS 1,2,3

1. Define your application

2. Choose the size of Imaging System

3. Select the Software Package

There are two size options when choosing your imaging system; 700mm or 1300mm (click here to read about our smaller cube).

Depending on the samples or products you wish to image or the storage space avaliable, will depend on which cube is best to use. The 1300mm cube allows for a ‘walk-in’ image capture area, so the imaging and assessment of larger items. Although of a significant size, the 1300mm is sat on wheels for ease and flexibility.

The latest design, version 2, of the 1300mm cube has been built with the user in mind. With longer rails for taking the camera in and out of the cube (for ease of maintenance), you can change the lens of the camera with ease. Including a lockable system to ensure you cannot damage your camera whilst the lens is in action! There is also improved laser alignment system, enabling the user to precisely position products within the cube.

Custom Colour Management Solutions

AS EASY AS 1,2,3!

1.Define your application

2.Choose the size of the imaging system

3.Select the software package


Find out more on our handy blog! Our blog goes into detail about how to choose the best colour management solution with DigiEye.


  • Extended camera rail, for ease of changing lens/camera as required
  • Improved laser alignment system, to enable precise product positioning within the cube
  • New Zoom & Camera Drawer Lock System
  • Dimmable Lighting


  • Remove and insert the camera with ease with the extended rail
  • On wheels for location flexibility
  • Be confident in the positioning of your products, to ensure the best image is captured
  • Lockable function, ensures the camera drawer cannot be opened whilst the lens is in action

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