When you purchase an official VeriVide product you can be rest assured that we have done everything we possibly can to provide you with accurate, safe, and reliable products in accordance with all applicable industry standards. This is so important because our customers rely on our products to make critical pass / fail decisions related to the quality and conformity of their products. With this in mind, we are sending a warning that counterfeit versions of VeriVide lamps or equipment are being manufactured and sold via unauthorized distributors to unaware customers globally.

Although we do our best to investigate these sources, please be aware that there are counterfeit products that could harm your product’s quality and ultimately put your company’s reputation at risk. We do not provide warranty for unauthorized products that have not been purchased directly from VeriVide or from one of our official distributors.

VeriVide’s products are manufactured, designed, and despatched exclusively from our Headquarters in Leicester to authorized distributors across the globe.

Please call us on +44 (0)116 284 7790 or email us at enquiries@verivide.com to be introduced to your local official VeriVide distributor. Alternatively, please use the search function, located here, to find your nearest distributor. 

We will gladly receive any enquiries for VeriVide products, and we are happy to help you with any colour challenge.