The Challenge: Colour variances

 Colour accuracy is a huge concern for many manufacturers. Colours will look different on a screen, a printed sketch, on material, in certain lighting – you name it, any environmental change could make a blue look green! Even using natural daylight is a problem, it is never uniform; the seasons, time, weather, will all create variations on the end colour.

The Solution: Standardised Viewing Environment

 In addition to selecting an engineered colour standard you need an identical viewing environment to your supplier – don’t rely on the window. If everyone in the supply chain used the same artificial light sources, variations in natural light would become irrelevant. VeriVide lamps mimic daylight to international standardised D65 and to other standards as specified by major retailers. Some colour samples may match your target under D65 but not under another type of light. This has a formal name – metamerism; where pairs of colour samples appear identical under one viewing condition, but no longer match when the viewing condition is changed. Colours need to be assessed under the same types of light by the whole supply chain.

What about the point of sale? There might be different lighting again, so making sure the colour is relative to the environment where the end product is being sold – essential.

Check out our Colour Assessment Cabinets here.

Remote Colour Development

And it only gets better! With the wonders of technology, we are now able to perform remote colour development. For example, Pantone Connect Software, not only allows you to input actual Pantone colours into Adobe, which makes the design process easier, but you can share the colour digitally with your whole team. Working from home or have an international team? No problem! Be safe in the knowledge that you can share palettes to ensure the colours will work together – perfect for Graphic Designers as well as Industrial Designers and Textile Designers. Product Developers can take these ideas and develop a design or product even when they are working remotely.

For more advanced colour management, VeriVide’s DigiView software allows retailers and brands remote colour visualisation and approval of lab dips, print strike offs and bulk submissions reducing lead times without compromising on product quality.

Helping you choose the right product

Our Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC) have many names; light booths, light boxes, viewing booths, colour cabinets, all depending where you are in the world!  Our CACs are suitable for a range of industries, from apparel and homeware, to food, drink, graphics, pharmacology, for example. The table below outlines which cabinet will be most beneficial to your needs, depending on the industry you are in.

CAC / CAC LEDColour Control CabinetsColour Fastness Cabinets DCAC 60 Particulate Viewing Cabinet
Apparel, Homeware, Technical Textiles, Graphics, Cosmetics, Food and Drink, Packaging, Printing, Paints & Coatings, Automotive, Building Materials Packaging, Photography, Graphics, Prints & InksTechnical Textiles, Apparels, HomewareCosmetics & Personal Care, Medical & Pharmaceutical


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