The Challenge: Where to start with colour?

Recently, a start-up business came to VeriVide for advice. The designer knew the type of colours they wanted but had no idea how to translate these into their desired product.

Many trend companies produce annual trend books and online inspiration and actually supply colour references to globally available colour systems alongside the colour inspiration. In addition, Pantone, RAL and NCS all publish trend information suitable for a variety of industries which may be purchased from VeriVide and other sources.

In the example above, the supplier overseas was asking for colour references to match. Having not had any colour training (more on this later), the designer was using an iPhone to Google colours, however, without having the correct calibration, looking on screen does not represent the true colour, therefore making it difficult to specify the colours they wanted. Read the solution below for the advice we provided.

Solution: Using industry specific colour inspiration and calibration tools

Always calibrate your phone, monitor screen or printer; we offer Pantone tools for doing this important job. One solution to your colour creativity, is to invest in a colour standards book relevant to your industry. Many of these have over 1500 colours to choose from and by selecting the right one, you can be sure the colours will be achievable on your material and your suppliers will understand how to match them.

RAL Classic books are most often used in Industrial Design, by Paint Manufacturers and Powder Coated Metal producers, so if you are specifying the colour of window frames, metal signage and transport, this may be suitable for you. In contrast, RAL Design books and NCS books are most often used by Architects and Interior designers for decorative design. NCS standards are often used in the kitchen industry for colour matching cupboard doors and accessories. RAL and Pantone both have ranges of Plastic chips which are ideal for Product design of hard materials.

In the example above we recommended a Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors book as it was apparel that was being designed. Pantone have books suitable for apparel, footwear, accessories and homeware design, including colours dyed on fabric as well as a range of Pantone books suitable for Graphic Designers, print and packaging.  

Not finding your desired colour? Fear not! Pantone are at the forefront of trends and fashions and regularly add colours to their ranges. They are happy to listen to your feedback for future colour additions and can offer custom colours too.

Helping you choose the right product:

With many different colour standards to choose from, finding the best guides for your needs can be tricky. This is where our colour standards expert is here to help guide you towards the right solutions and products for your needs. Please contact Georgina via email or phone +44 (0)116 284 7790

You can also head over to our blog page to find out the latest colour trends and inspirations.