Cosmetics & Personal Care (7)
Food & Drink (3)
Graphics Prints & Inks (30)
Homeware (2)
Medical & Pharmaceutical (1)
Packaging (30)
Paints & Coatings (9)
Photography (2)
Plastics (3)
Cosmetics (5)
Graphics & Prints (33)
Home Appliances (3)
Industrial Design (6)
Paint & Coatings (8)
Plastics (8)
Textiles & Apparel (1)
Binder Book (5)
Chips & Pages (10)
Fan Guides (22)
Colour Communication (9)
Colour Inspiration & Design (9)
Colour Matching (3)
Colour Standards (1)

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Helping you choose the right product:

The Portable Guide Studio is the ultimate tool for Graphic designers and printers, containing all eight guides in the Pantone PMS system – you will always be able to find the colour your client requests. Don’t need the two speciality (Metallic and Pastel & Neons) colour guides? The Essentials set has the other six guides also in a portable case. Both of these sets are the most economical way to purchase multiple books rather than buying several individual items.

Pantone spot colours in the Formula Guides, Metallics, Pastels & Neons are also available in binders with tear out chips if you need to send colour chips to a client for approval or want to attach to your specification or artwork to ensure accurate matching.

Just starting out or not sure you need the full set? You first need to decide if you will be working with Spot colours or in CMYK 4-colour process or even a combination of them both! If it is Spot (or solid colour) offset print method only, then the Formula Guide set is your essential tool. Whereas if you are converting Spot colours to CMYK or need to specify colours online the Color Bridge Set or one of the individual Color Bridges will show the two print systems side by side so you can judge how close the CMYK match is and also reference the RGB and hex codes for the Spot colour.

Need the full set of guides and chip books in your office? The Reference Library provides these on a handy display stand.

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