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VeriVide’s DigiView is remote imaging software for vision based remote colour assessment, allowing the user to assess colour instantly, anywhere in the world. DigiView provides an industry proven way to view calibrated colour images of lab dips, samples and final product.
Your supplier will image the products alongside the relevant colour standards and CAD artwork, The images are then sent directly to your DigiEye Viewing Station for colour assessment. The images are opened on the colour profiled EIZO calibrated monitor and assessed.
All you need is the EIZO calibrated screen and the DigiView software enabling you to assess colour and samples from anywhere you set it up. Manufacturer, head office, sourcing office and buyer working from home can all view the same images.

Time is valuable and wasted time is unrecoverable

Going vision based: See the actual colour of your product instantly

Digital Sourcing Assistant

Good news for your Carbon Footprint

Building Materials
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Paints & Coatings
Technical Textiles

Remote Colour Assessment Imaging Software

As a remote colour approval system VeriVide’s DigiEye solution enables manufacturers to assess colour and appearance digitally, instantly share and communicate objective colour data across the globe and achieve colour consistency throughout the supply chain.

The DigiEye system provides remote colour assessment through the remote imaging software which captures both the colour and product texture. Any samples large or small can be imaged alongside the relevant colour standards and CAD artwork, wherever the manufacturer may be in the world! These are then sent via your web-based server (or via our NEW VeriVide Portal), direct to your customer’s DigiEye Viewing Station for colour assessment. The use of the VeriVide Portal will allow supplier self-approval to take place and results can be shared immediately to your desktop PC or even a mobile device.

The images are opened using DigiView software on a colour profiled EIZO calibrated monitor which together are the DigiEye Viewing Station.

Digital colour assessment with DigiView reduces assessment time from days or weeks to less than 24 hours, enabling retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to speed up the colour approval process and make reliable colour decisions within the hour.

Users are reporting that in nearly all cases they make the same decisions on screen as when they assess the physical samples a few days later in a Light Booth.

Virtual Light Box Module

The latest software version now comes with a Virtual Light Box (VLB) Module that enables users to quickly assess batches against colour targets. The assessment of colour samples is done by the transfer of Digital Colour Calibrated Images from DigiEye Systems, a truly global and ‘remote-working’ process.

Virtual Light Box offers the ability to view colour under up to 6 illuminants and is a simple solution that shows colour flare under different lighting conditions.

Virtual Light Box Module

VeriVide’s new Virtual Lightbox module will show you how the colours will move and change in the different light sources on screen. Spot colour flare and mismatching colour before the samples go into bulk production. Swatches of colour can be moved around on screen to aid assessment and enable decisions to be made easily and with confidence. You can take colour measurement readings from the images received, plain & yarn dyed fabrics and prints can be assessed with ease. Even small print areas can be assessed, and colour measured. With our unique software you can take a colour measurement from even a few pixels or just a single pixel on screen!

The new Virtual Light Box (VLB) Module within DigiView now includes Quick QC Mr Happy DigiView screen colour assessment Mr Happy DigiView QUICK QC

Benefits to adopting DigiView

Time is valuable and wasted time is unrecoverable

A Standard colour approval submission sent via the post could take 7 days+ to arrive and find its way to the rightful recipient. This in our eyes is a week lost! With remote colour assessment using DigiView, your colour submission could arrive at your desk within minutes of it being imaged. This is a week taken back. Winning!

Going vision based: See the actual colour of your product instantly

Work quickly – The DigiEye system is not just a colour approval tool. The high specification Nikon camera that is provided with our DigiEye solution enables you to take high-definition images of samples. Whether they are small samples of fabric or high shine buttons and badges, VeriVide’s DigiEye will capture a highly detailed image for you to assess. This gives you the ability to approve product, without waiting for samples to arrive, and go into production faster.

Digital Sourcing Assistant

This image can then be sent to all your suppliers for sourcing, eliminating the need for sending samples around the world reducing costs and saving time. Your supplier knows what you need, the colour it needs to be, the size it needs to be and the texture it needs to have within minutes of you taking the image. Operating two-way communication using DigiEye really speeds up product development and sourcing which will shave-off weeks from your time to market calendar.

Good news for your Carbon Footprint

Did you know that shipping a 1kg package from Hong Kong to the UK creates 4.8Kgs* of C02? That is enough to fill a container 2.6m3 Think about that size for a minute. That is a huge box of C02 for a just a small envelope of lab dyes! How many of these do you send per year using your current method? Using DigiEye will dramatically reduce the need for sending people, samples and products around the world, just think of the cost, time and C02 savings. *Data taken from official UK government figures for shipping using airline.

Contact the VeriVide experts today to discuss how DigiView can benefit your business. Email us at enquiries@verivide.com or call +44 (0)116 284 7790.

DigiView Eco benefits


  • The images can be opened on EIZO calibrated monitors and approved or commented on, as needed.
  • Cut and paste sections of colour submissions or standards and move them around on screen using the DigiView smart tools
  • Virtual Light Box Module to assess batches against colour targets in various lighting conditions – ideal for displaying colour flare (how your colours might look under store and other lighting)


  • Reduce assessment time to less than 24 hours
  • VLB Module – a truly global and remote working process
  • Assess colour objectively with colour data and a high-quality visual comparison
  • Improve speed to market and minimise late production
  • Dramatically reduce courier costs associated with the shipping of colour samples
  • Make colour decisions easily and with confidence
  • Provide autonomy to international vendors all over the globe for self-approving the colour submissions
  • Assess any kind of sample; large or small, liquid or powder

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