DigiPix: Digital Imaging Software

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DigiPix digital imaging software is an application designed to allow a user to create and work with Digital photographic images. Once captured, images can be shared with other system users, enabling them to remotely make colour measurements or visual assessments. This allows them to make decisions on colour and appearance without having the physical swatches. DigiPix provides the capability to obtain reflectance or colorimetric data from samples with an ultra-small area, irregular or curved surfaces.

Utilising the smart swatch tool, allows vision based remote colour assessment to take place. The remote supplier can take an image of samples together with the colour standard using DigiEye then send the image to their customer to view on their DigiView station for assessment and approval. This replaces shipping lab dips and samples.

Share images and communicate colour across the globe

Make informed colour decisions

Cost effective colour management

Building Materials
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Paints & Coatings
Technical Textiles

Digital Imaging Software for quality control

VeriVide DigiPix digital imaging software is the ‘backbone’ to DigiEye, giving the user the ability to perform colour measurement and receive colour pass/fail results. DigiPix contains an array of measurement filters, colour maps and other useful modules developed for Textiles, Food, and other industries.

Within DigiPix, the new Virtual Light Box (VLB) Module now includes Quick QC; this performs a quick and simple Quality Control of the batch against the standard. For more comprehensive colour measurement and quality control you can use Quality Control functions within the main DigiPix Software.

DigiPix Main Quality Control Window

DigiPix Main Quality Control Window

Virtual Light Box Module

VeriVide’s new Virtual Lightbox software module within DigiPix, shows you how colours will move and change under different light sources. Spot colour flare and mismatching colour before the samples go into bulk production. Swatches of colour can be moved around on screen to aid assessment and enable decisions to be made easily and with confidence. You can take colour measurement readings from the images received, plain & yarn dyed fabrics and prints can be assessed with ease.

From one DigiEye Image, the system will simulate the colour flare associated with different illuminants. You can assess the colour flare of up to 6 pre-programmed light sources. Within VLB you can open two different images and move swatches across from one to the other, so you can compare lab dyes against standard and bulk batches against approved lab dye etc. from images produced at different times.Virtual Light Box blue components laid on imaging boardDigiPix Virtual Light Box Module 4 light sources image

New Colour Tolerance Visualiser

The new colour tolerance visualiser enables assessment of multiple products in the same window. This is ideal if you have shared production of the same product between several suppliers or you have multiple components within a range.DigiPix Colour Tolerance Visualiser

Colour Tolerance Visualiser ResultIn summary, VeriVide’s DigiPix digital imaging software has proven applications in a wide range of industry sectors. It helps where colour and appearance are critical, assisting manufacturers, suppliers, brands & retailers to speed up colour quality control, sustain product integrity, reduce wastage and make reliable colour decisions.

DigiPix software is constantly being improved and new features are added regularly. Contact us at enquiries@verivide.com for a demonstration.

We recommend a software update with each annual DigiEye service and calibration.


  • A range of filters and tools which capture small to large or multiple areas simultaneously
  • A high-quality digital SLR calibrated camera that captures the images of the samples.
  • A controlled and consistent lighting environment adhering to CIE D65 standard.


  • Speed up colour development and approval process, enabling you to make reliable colour decisions within the hour.
  • Communicate colour and appearance instantly with your suppliers and manufacturers around the world.
  • Maintain an archive of photographic standards and product lots to share with all your suppliers for sourcing, eliminating the need for shipping samples.
  • Easy to use after basic training with our VeriVide experts.


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