NCS Colour Sheets A4

£9.60 (inc. VAT)

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A4 individual sheets are available for all NCS 1,950 original colours with the NCS notation printed on the reverse in a repeat pattern enabling the sheet to be cut to your required size for supplying to clients or your material suppliers. A4 Sheets have a low sheen finish.

To order A4 Sheets:

Please select the colour required from the dropdown list and add the required number of sheets to your basket. Repeat the process if you require additional colours.

Building Materials


  • NCS notation referenced on reverse
  • Low sheen finish
  • A4 sheets are produced to NCS Quality Level 1*
    * Quality Level 1 is designed to be used for professional colour specifying material. Items are spot checked controlled and 99% have a deviation Delta E less than 0.6 and 100% less than 1.0. Most NCS products are produced to Quality Level 1


  • Send samples to your clients to review, at the location the colours will be used

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