NCS Atlas 2050

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The NCS Atlas 2050 is the must-have tool for effective colour communication and colour identification which explains how colours are related to each other in NCS system and Colour Space using the NCS Colour Circle and the 40 NCS Colour Triangles.

The NCS Atlas now includes 100 new colours bringing the total number of colours to 2050 and presents them in a clear, concise format, making it an ideal reference tool for architect and interior design studios and graphic designers. This multifunctional tool is suitable for point-of-sales, colour training, customer guidance or as an office reference tool.

This essential tool helps you find the colour you are looking for quickly and easily by showing the NCS Colour Circle and the NCS triangle for the hue. Compare colours and create combinations to make the right colour decision for your team and your clients.

The 100 new colours added in 2022 are all low chromatic colours, these can be found at the front of the NCS Atlas 2050. The NCS Atlas provides a separate page for the neutral greys and low chromatic colours (tinted greys) and three pages of tinted whites in response to demand.

The NCS Atlas 2050 is perfect for deepening your own understanding of the logic that the NCS System is based on and to further understand the relationship between colour and light.

If you also need a portable fan guide to take onto site then the NCS Index 2050 is the perfect companion to the Atlas 2050. A4 and A6 sheets of individual colour are also available to send to suppliers or clients.

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Easy to navigate between colour areas

Building Materials
Paints & Coatings

An Official Colour Standard

The NCS Atlas enables calculation of light reflectance values and colour saturation for all colours and also includes a full explanation of how the NCS system works and is the basis of the International ASTM Standard (E2970) on the Practice for Specifying Colour.

This is the National Standard of Sweden SS 19102:2022 and Norway NS-SS 1910 and is also referred to as the National Standard of Spain and South Africa.


  • All 2050 NCS colours, chips glued to page
  • Arranged by the position of each colour in NCS Colour Space by blackness, whiteness and chromaticness
  • Additional reference page of neutral and tinted greys
  • New – 3 pages with tinted white colours
  • 40 pages of NCS colour samples, one per hue with up to 79 colour chips per page.
  • Colour area of samples: 15×15 mm
  • Quick navigation tabs separating the colour sections
  • Functional binder designed to easily flip pages
  • Black exclusive fabric cover (Brillanta)
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese


  • Accurate reference for discussing designs with clients ideal for design and architecture
  • Easy to navigate between colour areas – select and communicate colour quickly and easily
  • Useful for creating colour combinations based on blackness, whiteness and chromaticness
  • Provides an overview of the relationship between colour and light
  • Includes the NCS Colour Circle and the 40 NCS Colour Triangles

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