NCS Colour Sheets A6

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NCS Colour Sheets A6 format are available to purchase as individual sheets for all 2,050 colours in the NCS range. They have the NCS notation printed on the reverse in a repeat pattern, which enables the sheet to be cut to your required size for supplying to clients or to your material suppliers as colour standards while still being identifiable to them. A6 Sheets have a low sheen finish.

Looking for a collection of A6 samples in neutral tones? Why not try NCS WS 160? Containing 160 A6 samples this is more economical if you need to compare multiple nuances of grey and soft white.

If A6 size is too small then A4 individual sheets are also available from VeriVide.

To order A6 Sheets:

  • Select the colour required from the dropdown list OR
  • Type the first four numbers of the colour reference into the blank box above the list and all the hue options for that lightness and chroma will be shown for you to select from
  • Add the required number of sheets to your basket.
  • Repeat the process if you require additional colours.
  • Checkout (guest option available or make an account to keep track of previous orders)



Building Materials
Paints & Coatings


  • NCS notation referenced on reverse
  • Low sheen finish
  • A6 sheets are produced to NCS Quality Level 1*
    * Quality Level 1 is designed to be used for professional colour specifying material. Items are spot checked controlled and 99% have a deviation Delta E less than 0.6 and 100% less than 1.0. Most NCS products are produced to Quality Level 1


  • Send samples to your clients to review, at the location the colours will be used
  • Send colour standard to your manufacturer to ensure product colour accuracy
  • Use to make mood boards

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