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NCS Index 2050 is an updated version of the most popular NCS Colour product used by colour professionals globally. The NCS Index 2050 is a fan deck that includes all 2050 NCS Standard colours, including the 100 new colours, in a convenient, portable format. The NCS colour reference notation is printed on the reverse of each colour chip.

Colour sorting is optimised based both on user preferences and the NCS Colour Circle which makes it easy to quickly find the right colour for your project. Colours are primarily sorted by hue, based on the NCS Colour Circle, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y). The frequently used low chromatic  colours – white, grey and black are found at the front of the Index.

The NCS Index 2050 is coated with a low sheen finish, suitable for most products. If you are working with shiny surfaces such as gloss paint, 1950 colours are still available with a gloss finish in the  NCS Glossy Index  

Suitable for designers, architects, sales and customer service as well as colour professionals worldwide for definition and communication of colour.

This product is produced to NCS Quality Level 1 according to ASTM E2970 & SS 19104. Quality reports are available at ncscolour.com2*

Complimentary products include the NCS Atlas 2050 which can be used for presentations to clients as this shows more easily the relationships between the colours in NCS colour space.

Alternatively A4 and A6 NCS sheets of all 2,050 colours can be ordered from stock to send to clients or suppliers and to produce mood boards.


In stock (can be backordered)


Handy portable size

Sturdy fan guide format

Building Materials
Paints & Coatings

How the colours are arranged:

People generally start with the hue when looking for a colour “Am I looking for a lime green, a yellow or orange?”

• The NCS Index 2050 therefore offers hue-based sorting, following the NCS Colour Circle, to allow quick and easy navigation among the 2050 colours.
• Within each hue-section the colours are arranged by nuance, following the NCS Colour Triangle.
• The nuances go from low chromaticness to high chromaticness (from duller tones to stronger more saturated tones).
• Each page is then flowed from light to dark, going from top to bottom, the colours are sorted by increasing blackness.
• White and pure colours are positioned at the top and deeper shades at the bottom.


Finding low chromatic colours

For low chromatic colours, people generally change the principle by which they search for a specific colour. For neutral tones of whites and greys colours, the nuance of the colour is much more significant to the eye than the hue. Therefore, in the Index 2050 all low chromatic colours are sorted by nuance and can be found in the first section of the Index fan deck.

In the 100 new colours there are many slightly tinted whites and greys, lots more beige colours and some ‘safe’ off-whites.

Sorting by nuance in NCS Index 2050


  • 2050 colours.
  • Large colour samples (22/26 mm).
  • Sorted by hue, based on the NCS Colour Circle, yellow (G80Y-Y70R), red (Y80R-R70B), blue (R80B-B70G) and green (B80G-G70Y)
  • Most often used low chromatic white, grey and black colours in one separate section.
  • A protective elastic band keeps the fan deck neatly folded when not in use.
  • Smart navigation in the top corner of each page.
  • NCS Notations printed on each of the colour samples.
  • Matte laminated paper cover.
  • Low sheen finish


  • The NCS Index shows all 2,050 colours on matte texture ideal for interior paint and fabrics.
  • A handy size to keep on the desk or take on site.
  • 2050 stripe coated NCS Standard Colours, 103 repeated once, 7 repeated twice, in total 2167 colour stripes
  • The stripe card layout is very useful for edge to edge colour comparison.
  • A brief explanation of the NCS system and usage guide is included
  • Select and communicate colours quickly and easily
  • LANGUAGES English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (Mandarin)

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