NCS WS 160

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NCS WS 160 is a new NCS product with 160 neutral and low-chromatic colours launched because all designers and manufacturers work with neutral colours on a regular basis.

NCS WS 160 displays colours in the greyscale area where colouring products and environments can be challenging. It includes a comprehensive selection of the most popular blacks, white and tinted neutral colour samples from the NCS 2050 Standard colour range.

The 160 colours are arranged by hue and divided into six chapters based on how chromatic they are, going from lightly tinted neutrals to more chromatic nuances. The larger colour samples (14 x 4.7 cm) give a good visual indication of the darkness or lightness of the colours.

The NCS WS 160 set is ideal for designers and architects who work extensively with a neutral palette as well as those who wish to renovate in a palette of soft whites and greys.

The colours are presented in an one colour per page format pinned together at one corner for fast and easy identification of colour, nuance and degree of darkness or lightness. The size of the NCS WS 160 samples enables them to be held against walls or furniture to check which of the nuances works best in the available light.

If you need several neutral tones for comparison the NCS WS 160 is more economical than purchasing other NCS products. For larger sized samples purchase individual A6 colour samples.

Need additional colours? NCS Index 2050 displays the whole range in one colour fan.

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Building Materials
Paints & Coatings

How the colours are arranged

NCS WS 160 is divided in six (6) chapters according to the chromaticness of the colours, the colours are then sorted by nuance.

• True Neutrals going from White to Black (S 0300-N to S 9000-N)
• Soft Whites: chroma =01 (includes nuance S 0601 and S 1001)
• Slightly Tinted Whites & Greys: chroma =02 (includes nuance S 0502 to S 8502)
• Soft Creams and pastels: chroma =03 (includes nuance S 0603)
• Soft Creams and pastels: chroma =04 (includes nuance S 0804)
• Beiges, Browns, Khakis:  chroma =05 (includes nuance S 1505 in selected hues)

WS160 includes most of the 100 new colours added by NCS Colour AB in 2022


  • Large 140 x 47 mm sized colour samples
  • Selection of the most popular blacks, white and tinted neutral colour samples from the NCS 2050 Standard Colour collection.
  • Fan out for efficient comparison between colours, materials or as a stand-alone colour reference.
  • Intuitive and logical arrangement of colours.
  • Sturdy laminated paper cover.
  • Quality: Coated colour samples at NCS Quality Level 1


  • 160 colours arranged according to hue
  • Clear overview of the hues and nuances in every greyscale division
  • These large samples offer accurate visual representation to aid your colour decision.
  • The colour sample collection gives a good indication of the darkness or lightness you are looking for if you work extensively with the black and white nuances
  • Instructions for how to navigate among colours by using the logic behind the NCS System and NCS colour notations.
  • Target Gloss 13-22 GU at 60° angle.
  • LANGUAGES English, German, Swedish, Chinese (Mandarin).

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