NCS Gloss Scale

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The NCS Gloss Scale is a collection of glossy samples which are white, light grey, mid-grey and black colours to show how gloss appears at different lightness values.

Easily specify surface gloss for different objects, surfaces and materials, using this useful NCS appearance tool which makes it possible to compare, analyse and define gloss on any surface.

The NCS Gloss Scale contains seven even gloss levels (from full matt to full gloss) for greyscale colours arranged in equal gloss steps. Provides the gloss level and gloss value for each colour sample.

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Pocket-sized gloss scale

Building Materials
Paints & Coatings


  • Pocket sized and easily portable
  • Contains colours from the greyscale: S 0500-N, S 2500-N, S 5000-N, S 9000-N
  • Seven different gloss levels arranged according to visual equal gloss steps
  • Gloss level and gloss value for each colour sample


  • Pocket-sized gloss scale to easily specify surface gloss for objects and environments
  • Different greyscale colours in combination with different gloss levels are used to identify how light and gloss affect colours

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