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Our ethos

Our ethos
As a company, the motivation that led to our formation in 1964 still drives VeriVide forward. We may already offer a range of transformative, world-beating colour measurement products, but there will always be more to achieve in a fascinating and increasingly sophisticated technology field.

Many businesses have yet to discover the potential of VeriVide products and technologies. It’s therefore our mission to make colour measurement a key factor in all manufacturing and quality control processes - including yours!

Only VeriVide brings you the advantages of:

  • Half a century of leadership and innovation in colour assessment technology.
  • A strong team with world-class expertise and experience.
  • All R&D, design, manufacturing and testing carried out in-house at our UK headquarters.
  • A record of close and productive working relationships with customers.
  • Total commitment to the continuous improvement of our service and products.
  • Total conviction that colour assessment technology has the potential to improve any industry’s quality and efficiency.

To find out what makes VeriVide the ideal technology partner for your enterprise, please contact us.

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