NCS Colour Appearance Tools

NCS Lightness Meter


The NCS Lightness Meter is a smart tool to assess the lightness  of different surfaces, colours and materials by a simple visual check. The perfect aid when working with lightness contrasts in public spaces.

Containing colour samples from the greyscale that can be compared against surfaces to define colours’ lightness value. The greyscale sample that shows the most distinct similarity with the surfaces’ colour has roughly the same lightness value, which makes it a great help when you’re looking for colours and materials with similar or contrasting lightness values.

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  1. Lightness scale for simple assessment of colours’ lightness values
  2. Contains 18 colour samples with round viewing holes for easy assessment
  3. Shows NCS Lightness (v), luminous reflectance factor (Yl), and NCS notation
  4. Language: English

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