Colour Control Cabinets (CCC)

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VeriVide Colour Control Cabinets provide increased user control, delivering consistent viewing conditions for colour assessment of printed materials against a Pantone book or approved print. Perfect for presenting to customers using a range of additional features, all whilst eliminating specular reflection and the need to use your hand to hold in place.

Colour Control Cabinets are supplied without a stand (bench) and may be sited onto existing workstations or benches provided these are the optimum height to prevent user being dazzled by the lights or the controls being out of reach (if sited too high) or the stand pictured with unit may be purchased separately. More information on products to complement your purchase can be found on the Accessories page.


Elimination of specular reflection with the neutral grey

Available in two sizes

Ensure agreeability and accurate colour communication

Graphics Prints & Inks

Standardised Viewing Conditions

Created in collaboration with PIRA for the graphic arts and print industry, Colour Control Cabinets (CCC) provide standardised viewing conditions for colour assessment of prints, proofs, ink weight, register, dot gain and photographic transparencies.
A single CIE standardised light source comes within the CCC, either VeriVide’s D65 with 6500K colour temperature or the D50 with 5000K colour temperature which is widely used in graphics, and printing industries.
VeriVide Colour Control Cabinets fulfil all the conditions of both BS 950: Part 1 and Part 2 standards, and ISO 3664: 2009 standards, enabling you to achieve colour consistency.
The unit is fitted with a digital control panel, giving the user increased control over the operation of the cabinet through additional features, including a backlit digital display, data storage and optional dimming.
To eliminate specular reflection, the light booth has a neutral grey concave viewing deck, allowing accurate colour quality control. Prints and proofs can be held in position using the magnets provided, creating an ideal environment for presentations to customers.

Regular servicing is highly recommended to ensure that your light cabinet remains as accurate as the day of purchase.


  • A high quality of CIE standardised illuminant is supplied, VeriVide’s D65 or D50 – please specify the light source. For specific requirements of additional light sources (e.g. 840P15) please contact us.
  • Dimmable option of CCC is offered for a variable intensity of light – please specify if required
  • Available in two sizes: 600mm and 1200mm
  • Neutral matt grey interior which is normally Munsell N5 to comply with ISO 3664. Alternatively, Munsell N7 and VeriVide’s Grey G5574 is available.
  • Specify the voltage you require to suit the cabinet’s location
  • Diffuser and other accessories such as bench and cupboards are also available


  • Consistent and standardised viewing booth to ensure agreeability and accurate colour communication through the supply chain
  • Viewing area is suitable for small or large applications for print checking, as the light cabinet is available in two sizes.
  • Elimination of specular reflection with the neutral grey concave viewing deck which comes with the Colour Control Cabinet


CCC 60

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 710 1085 620
Viewing Area 680 985 -

CCC 120

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 1290 1085 620
Viewing Area 1260 985 -

Test Methods & Standards

  • BS 950-1
  • BS 950-2
  • ISO 3664:2009


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Extra Specification

  • Standards: BS 950: Part 1 & Part 2, and ISO 3664: 2009
  • Colour temperature: 5000K
  • Light intensity: 1500lx – 2500lx
  • Chromaticity coordinates with CIE D50 Tolerance 0.015
  • Colour Rendering Index: >/= 90
  • Metamerism Indices: MI Visible Range < 1.0 and MI UV < 1.5
  • Interior Colour options: Grey Munsell N5, Grey Munsell N7, VeriVide’s Grey 5574.

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