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Adaptable for multiple sample sizes, delivering accurate visual evaluation for highly specular materials, such as glass, polished or glossy paint surfaces and ceramics.

Optimum height conditions

Available in 2 different sizes

Building Materials
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Food & Drink
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Paints & Coatings
Technical Textiles

Visual evaluation of highly specular materials can be a challenge, as light is reflected at some or many angles and affects the perception of colour.
Diffusers are recommended when assessing colour and appearance of glass, polished surfaces, ceramics and glossy paint materials for more accurate colour matching.
VeriVide’s Diffusers can also be used to create a barrier between the light source and viewing area to prevent contamination, for example, the contamination of food by glass.
Diffusers are available in 4 different sizes for visual assessment, allowing for small to larger samples and products.


  • Accurate colour matching and visual evaluation for highly specular materials such as glass, polished and glossy paint surfaces and ceramics.


  • Optimum height conditions for effective visual assessment
  • Adequate space to store proofs and approved standards in the drawers



Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 1290 85 620
Viewing Area - - -


Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 710 85 540
Viewing Area - - -

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