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Pantone Portable Guide Studio, GPG304B, provides a total of 8,482 market-relevant spot, spot-to-process and process colours and it is the latest version, including 224 new trend colours and 5 new ink bases added to Pantone Matching System in December 2022.

The Portable Guide Studio is the premium tool for all graphic, print, digital and packaging designers, includes the latest edition of all eight Pantone Graphics (PMS) fan guides in a portable carry case.

Includes Formula Guides (Coated & Uncoated) GP1601B, Color Bridge Guides (Coated & Uncoated) GP6102B, CMYK (Coated & Uncoated) GP5101C, Metallics GG1507B, and Pastels & Neons Set GG1504B.

You can use the Pantone Portable Guide Studio GPG304B anywhere, in the office or on-the-go, to ensure consistent colour reproduction in digital design and packaging. Suitable for a range of different materials.

The books integrate with Pantone Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud which allows customers to take physical Pantone Colours into digital workflows.

More economic than purchasing the individual items and you get a carry case to store them securely away from light and dust.

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Stylish, portable and easy to carry around

Each book contains a Lighting Indicator

Includes all 2,161 traditional spot colors

Graphics Prints & Inks


  • Complete set of eight PLUS series Guides in a robust portable carry case with handle
  • Includes all 2,161 traditional spot colors, 2,135 spot-to-process colors, 2,868 four-color process colors and 865 specialty metallic, pastel, and neon spot colors
  • Includes 294 new colours added with more high-demand neutrals such as blacks, grays, beiges, tans blues and olives
  • Each book contains a Lighting Indicator and are all sequenced so colours appear in hue order


  • Stylish, portable and easy to carry around with a convenient carry case which stores the guides away from damaging light and dust
  • Suitable for logos and branding, marketing materials, packaging, labels, digital design and animation
  • The complete set of 8 essential portable fan decks more economical than purchasing them separately


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