Colour control cabinets

Colour Control Cabinets (CCC range)

Created in collaboration with PIRA for the graphic arts and print industry, the VeriVide CCC range offers standardised viewing conditions for assessing colours, ink weight, register, and dot gain. The CCC offers viewing conditions to ISO 3664:2009 standard. 

Unique to VeriVide equipment is the neutral grey concave viewing deck to eliminate specular reflection, allowing accurate colour and quality control.
To optimise consistency of viewing conditions the unit is fitted with a VeriVide control panel, giving the user increased control over the operation of the cabinet through additional features, including a backlit digital display, data storage and optional dimming. 
Sheets can be held in position using the magnets provided, creating an ideal environment for presentations to customers.
The CCC conforms to both BS 950: Part 1 and Part 2 standards, and to ISO 3664. It is suitable for applications that require a large viewing area for print checking.

The CCC is fitted with a single light source, either the VeriVide D65 (6500K) or the D50 (5000K). Some viewing applications may require additional light sources - for example 840P15, a 'point of sale' illuminant.

The CCC is available in three sizes; 600mm, 1200mm and 1500 mm.
We also have a selection of accessories specifically designed for our CCC cabinet range, including benches, workstations and cupboards

Datasheet Download:

VeriVide Colour Control Cabinets Datasheet

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• Lamps - All cabinets are supplied with lamps, normally D65 or D50 - please specify the light required. If you have a specific Light Source requirement or would like an additional light source please contact us.
• Voltage - Specify the voltage you require to suit the cabinet’s location, the cabinet can also be fitted with a diffuser.
• Dimmer - If the standard or application you are working to requires a variable intensity of light, a dimmable option is offered.
• Paint options - CCC cabinets are supplied with a neutral matt grey interior which is normally Munsell N5 to comply with ISO 3664 but can be Munsell N7 or – Ref G5574 if you require.


CCC 60

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 710 1085 620
Viewing Area 680 985 -

CCC 120

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 1290 1085 620
Viewing Area 1260 985 -

CCC 150

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 1560 1085 620
Viewing Area 1530 985 -


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