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200 selected RAL DESIGN PLUS colours are now also available for plastic products or hard surfaces, offering architects and product designers new possibilities beyond the classic paint coats.

40 colours are transparent and 160 are opaque. The set with polypropylene plates shows different surface textures and opacities. Not a stocked item, so lead times are approximately 10-14 days.

Available on backorder


Comes with a protective case to shield the standards


  • Polypropylene standards measure 10.5 x 14.8 cm
  • Three surface textures: high gloss polished, VDI 24, VDI 42
  • Three levels of thickness: 0.3 cm, 0.2 cm and 0.1 cm
  • 40 plates are transparent whereas the other 160 are opaque
  • All plates include colour data
  • The set comes with a protective case
  • Includes absolute values, reflectance curve and the difference between each plate and it’s corresponding original plastic standard


  • Protective case to shield the standards from environmental contaminants

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