RAL P1 Plastic Set

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RAL P1 Plastic set comprises 100 popular colours from the RAL CLASSIC collection translated into a dedicated RAL plastics standard. Page 1 of the attached datasheet provides the list of colour reference numbers and names included.

The 100 colours that are most popular and most often requested from the RAL CLASSIC collection were produced in Polypropylene, using the technical data from the Master Cards. These large A6 format plastic chips are official RAL Colour Standards and are durable, wipe clean and waterproof. Suitable for food applications, product packaging, toys, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, they are a valuable resource for colour selection decisions on coloured plastics and other materials.

RAL Plastic colour standards offer flexibility in many manufacturing processes as well as compatibility with a broad range of colour pigments, thus producers and processors of plastic Masterbatch are able to colour match to the plates more easily than to the paper books.

Each individual plate provides three different layer thicknesses and three different surface textures – glossy, matt and rough giving a realistic impression of how the colours will appear in different materials and applications.

These plastic standards are multifunctional and may be used for specifying and matching the colour of any hard goods enabling architects, interior designers, and industrial or product designers to produce coordinating colour schemes.

Not a stocked item, so lead times are approximately 10-14 days.

Individual P1 Plastic Chips can be ordered if you only need a few colours. If you require a larger collection of colours try the P2 Set or the combined P1 &P2 Set

Available on backorder


Includes a protective case

Multifunctional and time-saving product

Paints & Coatings


  • Polypropylene chips
  • Each chip measures 10.5 x 14.8 cm
  • Three levels of thickness (0.3, 0.2 and 0.1cm)
  • Three surface textures (polished high gloss, two grades of rougher surface)
  • Provides colour data
  • Includes a protective case
  • 100 RAL CLASSIC colours
  • Includes reflectance curve, absolute values and the divergence from the RAL original sample
  • Protective sleeve for every colour sample


  • Realistic impression of how the colours will look
  • Includes a protective case, to protect from light and dust
  • Protective sleeve for every colour sample
  • Multifunctional and time-saving


P1/P2 Plastic chips colour list Download

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