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RAL D6 PLUS box contains A6 sized cards of all 1825 RAL DESIGN colours sorted chromatically according to the CIELab color wheel. With the easy to use RAL D6 set, the perfect colour for your mood board or client meeting is always at your fingertips. The flexible, large-area colour cards in the D6 Box are perfect for a wide range of steps in the design process including colour palettes and mood boards.

The design box is an excellent addition to the RAL D2 colour fan or the RAL D3 Color Toolbook for colour ​​conception and creation of mood boards, drafts, collections and the development of colour collages. The 1,825 individual A6 sheets give you security when making colour decisions, supporting creativity and improving colour visualisation.

All colour samples from the RAL D6 design box are produced as original paint samples in Germany and are subject to a complex production and approval process. This ensures they can be used in your work with permanent colour stability and that the later colour creations are realistically reproduced as early as the draft stage.

The practical box provides protection of the colour cards from light and dust.

Lost or borrowed cards can be replaced by ordering individually as A6 sheets, minimising the inconvenience caused. To order contact ral@verivide.com 

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  • Includes a protective box
  • Box dimensions 30 x 21 x 33 cm
  • Card format is A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm)
  • 1,825 Individual sheets – one each of all RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours
  • Colours clearly arranged according to the CIELab colour circle
  • Gloss level is Semi Matte


  • Colour cards are protected from light and dust
  • A6 colour area allows improved visualisation of the project
  • Complements the RAL D2 Colour fan or the RAL D3 Colour toolbook to create mood boards and collections for your clients
  • Use as official Colour Standards – produced to high quality against original measured data

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