RAL Design System Plus A4 Collection

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Comprehensive A4 standards library of 1825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM Plus colours*.

This is an order on demand product with lead times of approximately 10-14 days.

*Not including the 26 new pastel shades.

Select the required colour sample from a total of 1,825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours! The single sheet set complements your work with the RAL D2 colour fan or the RAL D4 Atlas.

Review the selected colours in a larger format, add to mood boards or send samples to your clients, the missing A4 sheets can be reordered at any time! The RAL D4 single sheet set forms an unbeatable resource for sophisticated, contemporary design projects and helps architects, designers and industrial customers to have confidence in their colour decisions. They provide practical support at every stage of the design process, help sell that design to the client and supply creative inspiration throughout.

The A4 sheets remain colour stable through the high-end coatings used. RAL have carefully thought out the packaging for this collection and the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus single sheet set A4 will be delivered in 8 high-end folders and slip cases thus protecting your colour swatches against dust and light. Thus, your single sheet set will be your comprehensive and professional companion in your work with colour for many years.

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Complete Library of colours

Building Materials
Paints & Coatings


  • Colour standards for each colour in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM Plus range
  • Each one is DIN A4 and measures 21.0cm x 29.7 cm


  • Complete library of colours in a large format
  • Provides the opportunity to check the colours on the wall or to wrap around your product
  • Allows you to envision how the colour will appear on your product

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