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The RAL Design System single A4 sheets are a simple tool to aid architectural and product design. Select colours from your RAL Design chart and purchase larger samples to send to your clients or to use for colour evaluation and selection. The A4 sheets have a semi matt finish in line with other RAL Design products and are large enough wrap around prototype products. Additionally they can be applied to a wall to ensure that the chosen colours meet the requirements under different lighting conditions.

The RAL Design individual A4 sheets are an excellent addition to working with the RAL D2 colour fan or the RAL D3 Colour Toolbook.

RAL Design colour reference number is printed on the reverse of the sheet more than 40 times allowing the sheet to be cut to size whilst still retaining the reference for colour specification purposes. Therefore, it may be used to create collages and mood boards at colour conception stage of design. Likewise, accurately define your desired colour by sending a sheet, or part of, to your supplier. The A4 colour sheets offer architects, interior designers and industrial or product designs confidence when making colour decisions.

If you find these RAL Design A4 colour samples useful you can invest in a complete set of 1825 colours, which is supplied in eight ring binders to keep them safe, contact ral@verivide.com for more information.

Individual A4 sheets of all 1825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM Plus colours*. *Not including the 26 new pastel shades.

This is an order on demand product as we do not keep in stock, lead times are approximately 10-14 days.

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Complete Library of colours

Building Materials
Paints & Coatings


  • Colour standards available for each colour in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM Plus range
  • Each one is DIN A4 and measures 21.0cm x 29.7 cm



  • Provides the opportunity to check the large format colours on the wall or to wrap around your product
  • Allows you to envision how the colour will appear on your product
  • Make moodboards and collages
  • Supply samples to your suppliers or customers

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