Planning Tables

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Offering visual consistency and accuracy to assurance professionals, with versatile user requirements and simple servicing. High-quality controlled lighting environment that meets existing standards.

Intended for use when critical colour assessment of transparent packaging is required the VeriVide VPT is especially suited to applications within Graphic Arts, Printing and Photography
industries. The attractive size of the VPT120 (supplied with bench as standard) allows you the comfort of quality viewing conditions, under internationally approved standards. Replacing the VeriVide VTV1812 the VPT60 provides the same VeriVide quality our customers know and trust, but within a smaller footprint than the VPT120, allowing both table and wall mounting.

High quality standardised light sources

Time elapsed meter indicates when lamps are due for replacement

Available option of a toughened floating glass cover sheet

Graphics Prints & Inks

VeriVide has specifically designed Planning Tables (VPT) for surface inspection and transparency viewing, ensuring visual consistency with controlled lighting conditions.
The standardized light sources used are either VeriVide’s artificial daylight D65 in compliance with ISO 23603 CIES012/E or D50 artificial daylight in compliance with ISO 3664:2009 and BS 950: Part 2.

Planning Tables are ideal for quality control of prints, packaging, glass, plastics, graphic arts and photographic proofs, offering an even illumination and variable light intensity to examine even the most elusive differences in colour and appearance.

VeriVide’s transparency viewers comes in two sizes:
• The Planning Table 120 which offers a larger area for visual assessment and surface inspection.
• The Planning Table 60 which allows both table and wall mounting, providing the same visual assessment quality as VPT 120.


  • High quality of standardised light sources; either D65 or D50 conforming to ISO and/or BS 950 standards
  • All units are dimmable as standard to adjust and test variables light intensities
  • The VPT’s high-frequency electronic ballasts ensure a prompt start, silent and cool operation, and no perceivable flicker or stroboscopic effect
  • Time elapsed meter indicates when lamps are due for replacement (after 2000 working hours or annually)
  • Available option of a toughened floating glass cover sheet for general layout work or cutting and cropping.


  • Controlled lighting conditions that meet existing standards, offering visual consistency and accuracy to assurance professionals
  • Meet users’ requirements for dimming control, adjusting the brightness
  • Flicker-free and even illumination and silent operation
  • Easy servicing and lamp replacement is simple thanks to the easy access hinged lower section


VPT 60

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 440 710 120
Viewing Area 305 450 -

VPT 120

Dimensions (mm) Width Height Depth
Overall 740 1335 864
Viewing Area 610 1075 -


VeriVide Planning Table Download

Extra Specification

  • Standards (icons if possible): ISO 23603 CIES012/E, ISO 3664 and BS 950 Part 2
  • Colour temperature of D65 Artificial Daylight: 6500K
  • Colour temperature of D50 Artificial Daylight: 5000K
  • Colour Rendering Index: CRI≥95

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