Pantone Metallics Coated Chips Book 2022

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Pantone Metallic Chips GB1507B contains 354 high-lustre, durable Packaging Metallic and 301 traditional Metallic Spot Colours providing economic colour options for printing metallics for visually breath-taking results.

Giving a combined total of 655 Metallic colours in removable Chips format for print and packaging, including 54 completely new shades and a new Rose Gold base ink. Each colour is represented by 6 x tear out chips

Coating options reveal some of the ways metallic effects can be enhanced for your projects’ needs. Using Pantone Metallics and spot colours provides an economical alternative to traditional metallic packaging methods such as foiling.

These can also be used for colour specification of other items although product metallics are better matched to the opaque lacquer coated Metallic Shimmers TPM Specifier or Guide books.

Book contains colour references from 871C to 877C, 8001C to 8965C and 10101C to 10454C.

Replacement Pages are also available.

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Single volume, three-ring binder

Use as a reference or aid with clients

Cosmetics & Personal Care
Graphics Prints & Inks


  • Single volume, three-ring binder
  • Paper chip saver to organise loose chip
  • Packaging and metallic spot colours as perforated, removable paper chips
  • 54 completely new trend driven packaging colours drawn from catwalks, consumer products and visual arts, including a new Rose Gold base ink
  • 354 high-lustre, durable Packaging Metallic and 301 traditional Metallic Spot Colours
  • Colour examples shown with gloss aqueous and specialty coatings
  • Each colour displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations
  • Colours arranged chromatically, with Packaging Metallics index at the centre of book indicating numeric location


  • Ideal for packaging, logos and branding, shop signage and vinyl graphics, and marketing materials
  • Use to create mood boards, aid client presentations or as a reference when designing packaging
  • Packaging Metallics are easy to coat and print without loss in lustre, tarnishing, leafing, or blemishing
  • Increases the range of Pantone spot colours available to printers and clients
  • Pantone Metallics are used for specification, inspiration and as a design tool by designers in all graphic related industries
  • Replacement chips available

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