Pantone Metallic Shimmers Color Specifier

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The Pantone Metallic Shimmers Colour Specifier book FHIP410N introduces 200 additional colours to the Pantone Fashion Home & Interior range.

Introducing 200 carefully selected lustrous metallic colours, the new Shimmer collection from Pantone is ideal for designers, product developers and manufacturers of footwear, accessories, cosmetics and hard home products. Associations between metallic shades, luxury and brilliance are compounded by amazing colour integrity so this is the perfect time to add some shimmer and sparkle to your product portfolio. The Colour Specifier book is a versatile format perfectly suited to mood boards, product sketches, or attaching colour to design files to communicate and specify the colours.

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Ideal for palette development and designs

Ensures good colour communication

Cosmetics & Personal Care



• Single-volume, three-ring desktop binder
• One full color per page with 42 perforated 0.787” x 1.18” paper chips
• TPM (Textile Paper – Metallic) suffix indicates that it is a metallic colour in the Fashion Home & Interior System
• Colours arranged by colour family
• Each colour referenced by a corresponding name and number
• Includes a Paper Chip Saver for loose chip organization and storage
• Replacement Chip Pages sold separately


• 200 new colours with pearlescent and metallic finishes
• Complete collection of curated fashion and core colours, meeting market demand for creating beautiful finishes
• Nitro-cellulous coating adds brilliance and lustrous finish


• Ideal for product design, fashion accessories, fashion trim, footwear, hard home, interiors, colour cosmetics, and tech/consumer electronics
• Use for palette development, mood boards, inspiration, colour communication, specification, and production


  • Ideal for palette development and designs
  • Ensure good colour communication with fellow designers or suppliers

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