NCS Exterior Fan Deck

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NCS Exterior Fan Deck contains 322 colours, ideal for exterior design. Outdoor environments require different colour palettes to indoor environments and NCS Exterior includes large colour samples applicable for exterior design and different materials.

Our perception of colours in outdoor environments differs from how we see colours inside. This collection of colour samples has been compiled taking into account such factors as light, environment, weather, colour fastness and both traditional exterior colours and contemporary colour design.

The colour finishes in the NCS Exterior Fan Deck range from matt to semi-matt suitable for a range of materials including brick, concrete, paving and roofing tiles as well as exterior paint and coatings.

It also includes a special section with colours for exterior features such as windows, garage doors and facias.

Suitable for product designers, architects, landscapers, property developers, construction professionals as well as manufacturers of exterior building products.

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Portable, fan guide format

Building Materials
Paints & Coatings


  • 322 large colour samples ideal for exterior design
  • Colour fan samples arranged according to applicability for different materials
  • Dark & deep colours in a special section
  • Colours for details in a special section (e.g. windows, ceilings)
  • Consists of three parts: Classic, Deep and Dark & Details with a total of 322 colours
  • Lightness table specified on the back of the samples
  • Gloss level: 3-5, Dark & Details: 15-20 at 60° viewing angle.
  • Colour Sample size: 140 x 50 mm
  • Languages: English, German, French & Swedish


  • Colours suitable for exterior features such as windows and facias as well as exterior paint and coatings
  • Portable, fan guide format

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