Pantone D50 Lighting Indicator Stickers

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Proper lighting is critical to ensuring colour accuracy, your lighting booth should be correctly set up and certified but when you need to check colour outside of this environment or want to ensure your team or suppliers are viewing under the correct conditions then the Lighting Indicator Stickers (LNDS-1PK-D50) can assist.

Very easy to use – simply peel off a sticker and attach to your artwork or production samples.

Important! The two colour patches will appear a very similar colour (but not necessarily be identical) when the lighting conditions are correct but will appear as two completely different hue tones when the lighting is not D50 (One chip will be Green under 840 store lighting and Red under Incandescent A or Tungsten Filament).

If the lighting is correct you can be confident of the decision you make about the colour of your product.

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Simple and easy to use

Peel-off adhesive backing for attaching to any surface


  • Two different light sensitive patches sit side by side and react to the light in your environment
  • Sheet of 40 stickers, with two light-sensitive patches on each sticker
  • Peel-off adhesive backing for attaching to any surface
  • D50 is best for evaluating both printed materials although for packaging you may need to view under D65 as well.
  • If the light is not in the proper range the patches will appear as two completely different colours, the smaller the colour difference the better the light quality.
  • Attach the stickers to your design work or production files to ensure everyone views under the correct lighting conditions and makes the best decision.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Confidently make colour decisions



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