May 21st 2018

Pantone Cotton Passport, Planner or Chip Set?

Pantone Cotton Passport, Planner or Chip Set?


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Pantone textile books

With over 100 products in Pantone’s portfolio, it’s hard to know which ones will benefit you the most. Yes, there are specific products depending on your end product e.g. plastics or textiles for example, but even then, there is still so much choice!

Don’t fret, we have picked out this month’s top Pantone Fashion, Home + Interior products – all Pantone textile books, to help you with the decision process.

So which products made the cut this month?. We decided to clear up the differences between the Pantone textile books, as it is hard to pick the most suitable one for your needs: 

  • Cotton Passport
  • Cotton Planner
  • Cotton Chip Set

What’s so great about these products? How can you leverage these products? 

Pantone Cotton Passport

Retailing at just £557, having access to ALL 2,625 colours in Pantone’s TCX range including the 315 newest market-trend Fashion, Home, Interior colours added in 2020, we believe that this is very good value for money. The Cotton Passport provides flexibility to the designer to work from home, from office or anywhere else.

If you are a designer on the move, this passport is ideal as it can be taken to client consultations, vendor meetings, fashion shows, trade events etc. It can also be used in trendspotting and shopping.

Key benefits:

  • Easy identification of colours
  • Access to ALL 2,625 TCX colours in the range
  • Easily portable
  • Sorted in chromatic order for quick colour decisions

Equally, if you work from a home office, small studio or satellite workspace, the Passport makes a handy compact companion to our larger format Pantone Color products.

Larger area of colour needed?

The chips in the Cotton Passport are 1.5cmx 1cm, if you require a larger area of colours then individual colour can be ordered as Smart Swatch Cards.

Pantone Cotton Planner

Pantone Cotton Planner Pantone Cotton Planner - removable pages

More expensive than the Cotton Passport, the Cotton Planner retails at just £1019. It too contains ALL 2,625 Fashion, Home & Interior (TCX) colours including the newest 315 colours added in 2020.

Why is it more expensive?

The planner is more expensive because it has more benefits:

  • Pages can be taken out
  • The chips are bigger (1.5cm x 1.5cm) and are glued to the pages so they don’t go missing
  • Both the Planner and Passport have an index, however, the Planner has the TCX (textile Cotton eXtended) numbers and names whereas the Passport index only has numbers

Key benefits:

  • Simple desktop reference that bestows a dictionary of colour choices for small or large teams
  • Access to ALL 2,625 TCX colours in the range
  • Sorted in chromatic order and pages can be taken out for quick colour decisions
  • Accurate and effective way to take easily crucial colour decisions.
  • Bigger area of colour for more effective colour matching

The single, convenient desktop volume is perfect for small teams and freelancers and with a value price and a handy size, it is ideal for entry-level designers or as a quick reference companion to the larger format products.

Larger area of colour needed?

If you require a larger area of colour, again similar to the Cotton Passport individual colours can be ordered as Smart Swatch Cards.

Pantone Cotton Chip Set

Pantone Cotton Chip Set FHIC400APantone Cotton Chip Set FHIC400A

This is the most expensive product of the 3 as the complete Cotton Chip Set costs £2,220. Equally like the other two products, the Chip Set contains ALL 2,625 TCX colours, including the most recent market-trend 315 colours added in 2020.

Why is it more expensive?

The Cotton Chip Set is more expensive because like the Planner, it has more benefits:

  • The chips are much larger (2.5cm x 2.5cm).
  • The chips can be removed (and then easily returned) – this is great for putting together palettes and actually seeing what colours work well together.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for building colour palettes, mood boards, creative projects, colour communication and colour accuracy.
  • Access to ALL 2,625 TCX colours in the range.
  • Sorted in chromatic order, pages and chips can be taken out for quick colour decisions.
  • The biggest area of colour for these 3 products with area of colour 2.5cm x 2.5cm.
  • The name and number identified for each unique colour (and on the back of each chip so they can be returned to the book!).

The Cotton Chip Set comprises three large, binders for an elegant edition to any design room. Remove the chips and use the loose chips to formulate palettes of harmonising or contrasting colours.

Larger area of colour needed?

Again, if you require a larger area of colour, like the Passport and Planner individual colours can be ordered as Smart Swatch Cards.

If you need any further advice about which Pantone book is the right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or on +44 (0) 116 284 7790.

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