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FHI Cotton Planner - FHIC300A

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The Pantone Cotton Planner FHIC300A has all 2,625 colours including 315 newest top-trend colours added in 2020.

All the full range of Pantone Fashion, Home & Interior colours in the most popular compact desktop, ideal for design studios, small or large teams and freelancers. Each set of colours are chromatically arranged for quick colour decisions and easy colour lookup.

The 2,625 market-driven the Cotton Planner will spark your inspiration and help you achieve accurate colour assessment and matching because of the handy format. The size of cotton chips' coloured area is 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm and the swatches are glued to the page.

If you already have the Cotton Planner with 2310 colours, take a look at the Cotton Planner Supplement FHIC310A which contains the 315 newest market-relevant colours and the pages are punched with holes ready to update your existing binder.


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  • 2,625 top-demanded Fashion and Home colours including new 315 top-trend Pantone colours
  • Each page features 35 individual cotton chips with size 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm  
  • Arranged by colour family, with numerical reference of each colour for quick and easy use
  • Removable pages for better visualization
  • COLOR MANAGER Software included (free download available on registration of your product)
  • Each color match with the corresponding Pantone Swatch card
  • The absolute tool for colour inspiration, specification and evaluation
  • Simple desktop reference that bestows a dictionary of colour choices for small or large teams
  • Accurate and effective way to take easily crucial colour decisions.
  • More accurate visual assessment because of the convenient size of cotton chips (larger than Cotton Passport chips)

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