October 11th 2011

Overwhelming interest in DigiEye at ITMA

Overwhelming interest in DigiEye at ITMA


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Fantastic Response to New Applications

We had an extraordinary response to the latest software now available for our DigiEye System at ITMA 2011, held recently in Barcelona.

The image left, and those at the bottom the page, display our stand just before opening on the first day. Our new range of applications, reflect the challenging diversity of products and processes within the global apparel supply-chain.

At ITMA we demonstrated reliable and consistent applications for colour measurement of….


DigiEye is the proven and established Digital Colour Measurement System. For many years we have been supporting companies around the globe, reliably measuring the wide array of fabrics previously considered immeasurable.



Elimination of Ambient Light Critical for Accurate Colour MeasurementWith over 40 years of expertise in Lighting, VeriVide recognizes the critical element, when measuring colour, of totally eliminating the stray ambient light which will inevitably give unreliable and/or inconsistent results.

This is why the VeriVide’s DigiEye system measures product samples within a totally enclosed cube, thereby eliminating all the ambient light which will cause unreliable, inaccurate or inconsistent results.


We have applications to accurately and reliably measure the colour of the following product types;


Colour Measurement of DenimIn direct response to industry needs for increased objectivity, we have an application specifically developed to address specific issues related to denim including measurement of the washdown / bleached areas.

This application addresses the limitations of assessing the colour of denim with traditional instruments such as spectrophotometers.



Colour Measurement of CarpetWe know the heavily textured surface and open construction of carpets create significant Quality Control challenges, for which traditional colour measurement equipment is lacking in terms of repeatability and accuracy.

We have developed a DigiEye application designed to address these industry unique issues, offering results more representative of the ‘true colour’ of the product, allowing measuring of the tufts as seen by the end consumer.

DigiEye also enables assessment and approval of finished products or complete designs which, due to the aperture size of traditional instruments, is impossible to measure using those methods.


Colour Measurement of LingerieIt is obvious Lingerie is complex colour critical product. Components have sheen or are specular fabrics, others have open construction or degrees of transparency, multiple yarn types are used within a product and small components, e.g. highlight yarns and straps, makes measurement impossible, even with the smallest instrument aperture.

The DigiEye Lingerie application meets these product specific challenges enable quick and easy colour assessment of components manufactured around the globe.

The use of DigiEye creates opportunities for significant savings in time and cost by reducing the number of samples which previously required shipping to a central location for colour assessment and approval.


Colour Measurement of Bathroom SetsWe also have an application which recognizes the increased importance placed by Retailers upon cross-category colour harmonization.

Basically this enables all the coloured items in bathrooms, which are merchandized together in store such as towels, rugs and all the associated ‘hard goods’, to be successfully colour managed.


Colour Measurement of Patterns & PrintsThe volume of multi-coloured patterns and prints in stores today, in the apparel, and home furnishings sectors, continues to grow.

DigiEye’s instrumental approach provides images and numerical data. Users can visualise AND measure colour difference both individually and as part of a complex design in context. Improving objectivity, consistency and quality levels.


As all these applications offer the ability to electronically send product images and supporting data, colour can be assessed and decisions made quickly and with confidence.

PDF’s for all of these applications can be downloaded at DigiEye – Textile and Apparel


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